Kleenex Hand and Surface Sanitising Wipes 7783

Pack Size: 6

£70.88ex VAT



A range of non-alcohol sanitising wipers, designed to drive out the threat of germs spreading in office environments and promote 'Healthy Workplace' practices.

Ideal for: sanitising hands, desks /work stations and other surfaces; applications where a product containing alcohol is not appropriate; instant results which work immediately against many common organisms, in as little as 30 seconds, reducing populations by up to 99.999%.

Available as: 100 white wipers; fragrance and dye free, packaged in a sealed refill pouch, ideal for use with the KLEENEX® Hand & Surface Sanitising Wiper Dispenser; ideally sized for use in larger high traffic office locations, such as entrance areas or in central zones, providing accessibility to employees and visitors.

  • Compatible with 7936 dispenser.
  • Colour: White
  • Sold in pack of 6 x 100

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