Easy Aloe Vera Non Bio Laundry Powder 1KG


Introducing Easy Aloe Vera Washing Powder, designed to make your life easier. Our biological laundry powder is the perfect product for cleaning clothes with ease. With its all-natural ingredients, you can be sure that the washing powder will gently clean your clothes while being gentle on the planet.
We understand that most people don't have the time or energy to deal with complicated laundry routines and so our washing powder is designed to give you quick and effortless results. The specifically formulated detergent contains natural or plant-derived surfactants that break down dirt and bacteria quickly and efficiently without causing any damage to fabrics. Plus, it has been completely tested and certified so you know it's going to be effective in delivering a deep clean each time you use it.
When using Easy Aloe Vera Washing Powder, you will notice softer fabrics at a faster rate. In just one wash, clothes will be more vibrant, brighter and scent fresh for longer. Thanks to its unique formula with aloe vera extract, this product offers a full range of benefits from removing odors to brightening colors as well as providing protection from moths by binding dust particles together so they cannot attach themselves onto fabrics.
Overall, Easy Aloe Vera Washing Powder is an ideal solution for busy households looking for an easy way to tackle their laundry needs while protecting both the environment and the quality of their clothing items. Make washing day easier with this gentle yet powerful clean today!

Pack Size: 2x5.1kg
Part Number: 340.012
UNSPSC: 47131811