Unico Triclean Floor Maintainer

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Unico Triclean is a concentrated, deodorising floor maintainer. It can be used on virtually any floor type to clean, deodorise and polish. Triclean will suffice as a complete floor treatment, or to top up areas of heavy traffic. Its powerful formula attacks all kinds of surface contamination, leaving a distinctive fragrance in treated areas. 

Triclean will maintain thermoplastic, linoleum, tiles, sealed wood, terrazzo and similar floors. With regular use Triclean will steadily build up a resistant finish, which will protect your floor and enhance its appearance.

Caution: Avoid wetting floors after treatment. Do not use on unsealed wood.

Sold in pack of 1 x 5ltr

How To Use: 

Maintaining thermoplastic, linoleum,tiles,sealed wood, terrazzo etc - Damp-mop floor then, when dry, buff to a shine with a hi-speed machine. Maximum dilution: 1 in 30 with water (170ml per 5 litres)

Light-duty cleaning and topping up finish on linoleum, tiles, sealed wood, terrazzo etc - Spray floor with solution, simultaneously buffing to a shine with a hi-speed machine. Maximum dilution: 1 in 80 with water (60ml per 5 litres)

Note: If using an Ounce-a-matic dispenser, one measure = 30ml.

Shelf Life:
2 Years

This product is expected to have very little ecological impact.

Biodegradable detergents:


CFC free:


Solvent free:


Phosphate free:


Acid/alkali free:


Free of dyes/perfumes:


Recyclable packaging:


Biodegradable container:


Biodegradable outer box:


 Safety Measures:

Ingestion - Drink a glass of water to dilute product. Do not induce vomiting. Act immediately to prevent further irritation of mouth, throat and stomach mucosa.

Inhilation - No ill effects expected at concentrations used. If irritation is experienced go in open air and ventilate area. Mouth and throat may be rinsed with water.

Eye Contact - Check for and remove contact lenses. Rinse thoroughly with plenty of water for several minutes.

Skin Contact - Rinse affected area with water as instructed, if needed apply a cold compress to relieve irritation.

Store upright in original containers in a cool dry area out of the reach of children.

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