Aquarius C-Fold Hand Towel Dispenser - 6954

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The Aquarius C-fold Hand Towl Dispenser is from a coordinated range of washroom dispenser products, that promote hygiene, improve comfort and care, and help control costs.

Ideal for: dispensing ‘C-fold’ towels, without the need to touch the dispenser; helping reduce contamination and the spread of germs; keeping costs down in areas of heavy use, with hassle-free maintenance.


Available as: quick-fill dispenser in a sleek and contemporary design, with a white, high-gloss, easy-clean finish and no dirt or dust traps, and a window (so you can see when a refill is needed).

Suitable for use with following products:


1. Hostess S-Fold H/Towel 20x180 1Ply Gn (KC Code: 6800 / UNICO Code: 120.011)

2. Hostess S-Fold 20x180 1Ply Blue (KC Code: 6802 / UNICO Code: 120.020)

3. Hostess H/Towels 20x180 1Ply Nat (KC Code: 6803 / UNICO Code: 120.021)

4. Hostess H/Towels 24x168 1Ply Nat (KC Code: 6804 / UNICO Code: 120.022)

5. Hostess H/Towel 16x208 1Ply Wh (KC Code: 6805 / UNICO Code: 120.012)

6. Hostess T/Fold H/Towels 1Ply Nat (KC Code: 6872 / UNICO Code: 120.017)

7. Hostess T/Fold H/Towels 1Ply Blue (KC Code: 6876 / UNICO Code: 120.016)

8. Wypall X50 Cloths 6x50 Blue (KC Code: 7441 / UNICO Code: 226.120)

9. Wypall X50 Cloths 6x50 Red (KC Code: 7444 / UNICO Code: 226.122)


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