Selgiene Food Grade Concentrate Cleaner Sanitiser


5L Use hot or cold. Fast acting, free rinsing. Super concentrated for economy in use. High polarity for maximum cleaning power. Suitable for use with either hard or soft water. Suitable for use through pressure washer machines using either hot or cold water. Used extensively in the transport industry e.g. buses, box vans, curtain sided vehicles, tankers, earth moving equipment, cars etc. N.B. not suitable for use on aluminium, magnesium or their alloys, or galvanised surfaces. Pour Projet into the detergent tank of the pressure washer. The product can be pre-diluted with equal parts water (for heavy soiling) or up to 8 parts water (for light soiling). Adjust the feed rate as required. Normal end use dilution is between 1-3% Projet. Lightly pre-spray the whole of the vehicle using low pressure then remove soil and traffic film using even sweeps of the lance at high pressure at temperatures of up to 70 C. Turn off the detergent feed and then rinse the vehicle very thoroughly with clean water. N.B. It is essential to rinse thoroughly. Never allow detergent residues to dry out onto vehicle.

Pack Size: 5ltr
Part Number: 350.532
UNSPSC: 47131825