Equality Act 2010

Course Description

This course provides learners with an understanding of the importance of equality and diversity and how to promote it in their workplace. The course covers the legal requirements for complying with the Equality Act 2010. It is aimed at all workers within an organisation including contractors and there is a final module on creating equality policy.

Course Content

• Module objectives.

• High quality colour images and illustrations.

• In-course quick reviews.

• End of course test.

Course Coverage

• Introduction to Equality Act 2010.

• Challenging discrimination and harassment.

• Your rights at work.

• Creating equality policy.

System Features

Access to LMS (Learning Management System) including:

• Custom design and company branding.

• Bookmark place and stop or start anytime.

• Create training plans and records.

• Upload supporting documents or content.

• Personalise news items and alerts.

• Message the trainer or colleagues.

• Print certificate of completion.


This eLearning qualification can be accessed on tablet computers, such iPads and Android devices. Please download the Photon Flash Player App to take advantage of this feature.


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